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What is the Law Governing Copyright Protection in Nigeria ?

The Copyright Act LFN 2004 is the principal law that governs, protects copyrights in Nigeria, while the regulatory agency that supervises copyright registration in Nigeria is the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC).

What Copyright Protect?
It protects computer programs (software), films, music, scripts, photographs, drawings, sculptures, packaging, illustrations, engineering projects, architecture, translations and adaptations of original works, books, short stories, poems, collections and much more.

How to register your copyright
• Answer a few questions online and provide a copy of your work (online).
• We’ll put together everything needed for your application
• We’ll file your complete application with the Nigerian Copyright Commission
• Pick up your Certificate with a valid means of identification.

Fill the form below to Register your Copyright

Benefits of registering a copyright.
While your work is under copyright protection as soon as it’s created, there are many benefits to registering a copyright i.e

  1. You’ll establish a public record of the copyright, and get a certificate of registration.
  2. You also may be able to sue infringers for statutory damages and attorney’s fees—not just actual damages and profits, which can be harder to prove.
  3. It is considered Prima Facie Evidence in court I.e it is sufficient evidence of your ownership of the copyrighted material.

Duration of Copyright in Nigeria
Upon registration, the rights enjoyed by the license holder are limited to the duration of the lifetime of the holder and 70 years after his death. For films, sound recordings, performances, the holder enjoys Copyright for 50 years from the time the work was first published.

– We can also Register your Trademarks, Patent and Designs in Nigeria
– These services are done in conjunction with GEE LAW FIRM, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel;+234-8053266716